Extinction Solutions

Do Unto Others
As You Would Want Done To You
Be Mindful

Stop The 200,000 Yearly
Species Extinctions
The Web Of Life Is Our Foundation

Renewable Energy 99% + By 2030
Wind - Solar - Hydrogen - Fuel Cell
Geothermal - Ocean Thermal Conversion
Solar Sterling Gensets

Level Off @ 7 Billion By 2030
Gradually Going Down To 2 Billion By 2300

End The 35 Million Deaths Yearly
To Infants And Children
From Starvation Diseases

End Poverty On Earth
End Childhood And All Slave Labor Conditions With An Equitable Distribution Of
Earth's Sustainable Resources

Education Early And Lovingly
With A 99% + Literacy On Earth By 2030

Women's Equality
With Natural Contraceptives
Taught To All Children

Stop Deforestation
Reforest With The Best Trees
For Local Biodiversity

Limit Worldwide Oceanic Fish Catch
By 3.3 Million Less Tons Per Year
0% Caught In 2030

Health And Nutrition
Happily Eat An Organic Vegetarian
Locally Grown Diet

End The Slaughter
To The Tens Of Billions
Of Animals Yearly For Our Food

Solar Aquatics
Natural Waste Water Filtration System
To Filtrated 99% + Of Water By 2030

And Then Finally We
99% + Of Everything By 2030

Dismantle All Nuclear Weapons
And Reactors At Once
Store The Waste Onsite
Till Our Technology Advances And We Are Better Able To Deal With The Deadly Poison

Research Scientists
Stop Working On The Weapons Of War
Start Working On The Solutions
For Survival To The Web Of Life
And A Sustainablity For Homo Sapiens

End Corporate New World Order Agreements Such As GATS, GATT And NAFTA
Start Small Locally Based
Earth Sustainable Co-operations

Stop All Ozone Depleting Products Instantly
Repair The Damage Already Done

Reduce Air Pollution
99% By 2030

Reduce Water Pollution
99% By 2030
Find Resourceful New Uses
For Our Fresh Water Scarcity
Implement Desalination Technologies
Such As Solar Distilling

Reduce Soil Pollution And Erosion
Stop All Chemical Farming
Farming Should Be Locally Grown And Organic

Stop Most Of The 77,000
Man Made Compounds
Till All Of The Interacting Safety Measures
Are Fully Tested And Known

Stop All Manufacture Immediately
It Stops The Reproduction Of Life

Fully Fund The Genome Project
Stop The Implementation Of
Genetic Engineering Till All Of The
Long Term Effects Are Fully Known

War Is No More
Peaceful Cooperation
With Sustainable Sharing For All On Earth

Religion And Spirituality
All Peaceful Forms Freely Let Practice
Free Tibet

Science And Medicine
Respecting All Life
And Our Earth's Sustainable Limits

Meditation Exercise And Deep Breathing
Practiced Daily
For Optimal Health And Well Being

Enjoy Nature
Immediately Set Aside
Huge Reserved Forever Wilderness Areas
For Our Future Generations

Create New Anti-Viruses And Germ Defenses
For All The Future Coming Plagues
Resulting From Homo Sapiens Reckless Disregard For All Life Ecosystems On Earth

Worldwide Species Genetic Banks
Created Immediately And Fully Fund All Research Pertaining To Saving All Life On Earth That Is At Risk Of Going Extinct

Space Exploration
Non Nuclear And Unmanned With Full Disclosure Of All Findings To The Public
Increase Funding To Asteroid Protection And SETI Projects

The Arts
Given Greater Support Globally
So We Can Be Surrounded In Beauty
And Resonate Beauty

Water Birthing
In Water At 98.2 Degrees Farenheit
With Dim Lighting / Soft Mozart
Midwives / Husband And Family Present
For Every Mother And Beautiful New One
With An 8 To 24 Hour Transition

Be Your Best
Resonate Love

Acknowledge All The Good
You See In Others
Be Aware

If you can think of any other
Extinction Solutions to add to this list


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